M2R Automatic casting machine

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New model for 2020.  This machine uses the Ballisti-Cast style molds to cast bullets, slugs or pellets.

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We expect new machines to be built by the middle of November and shipping right away.  Pre-orders to be filled first.

The newly designed machine has state of the art electronics, up to 6 molds can be used at the same time or just use one mold and turn the pour off of the remaining five.  Up to 5000 bullets per hour and separates the sprues and the bullets into different trays. 

  • Digital Controls
  • State of the art electronics
  • UL listed electronics
  • 3600 watts of heating power
  • 150 pound pot capacity
  • 240 volt, 16 amps
  • Blowers to cool sprues
  • Up to 6 molds at a time
  • Turn off molds not wanted to pour
  • Up to 5000 bullets per hour
  • Ballisti-Cast style mold blocks


You will need to have 20 amp 220v power for this unit and purchase casting molds.  You can use one mold at a time or up to 6.  Each mold station should have a mold in it's place but the pour can be turned off for any mold not wanting to be used.  Different molds can be used at same time but would need to be similar in weight since they will all receive the same amount of lead pour time.



For bullet molds we recommend Tom at Accurate Molds:




Prices do not include shipping, export fees, molds or lead.  Shipping and fees will be billed separate if you buy from this page once we get shipping and fee quotes.


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Field testing performed by Nielsen Specialty Ammo for making airgun slug blanks for swage process for over 1 year.